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Update of Dynamic Pro Scalper is available!

Published date: 14.06.2019  

" We would like to inform you that there is an update of Dynamic Pro Scalper.

We have added one additional parameter Add_Trades_Martingale in the

robot settings. This parameter makes Dynamic Pro Scalper martingale

system when the Additional Trades System is enabled.

The updated version 5.1 is available in the member area for downloading.

We have also prepared an article "How to use Dynamic Pro Scalper

Additional Trades System"

P.S.: We also would like to inform you that we have discounted all our

forex robots with 30% OFF. If you want to upgrade from demo to paid

license it is the time. All additional licenses are also discounted.

We wish you a successful trading day. "

For further test results, click on the picture.

iProfit V3.0 Released !

Published date: 08.06.2019  

  • Neural Network Algo With Six Year Trading History
  • High Frequency Trading Made Practical & Profitable
  • A screen shot of a computer Description automatically generated

iProfit's self-learning NN algorithm dynamically adapts to Forex price action ensuring consistent gains over both short and long term periods. The strategy has been running uninterrupted since 2013 and has gained between 1000 to 1500 pips every year (30% to 50% at medium risk level).

iProfit is one of the rare strategies which has an uninterrupted live trading history of almost six years. There have been no parameters or EA updates which makes it possible to compare live trades with back-test of same period. This is a great way to validate the strategy tests of longer periods.

iProfit V3.1 improves performance, has a higher success rate and lower drawdown. We are very confident the iProfit strategy will continue to perform well going forward and be successful on your member accounts as well.

Click here to visit the iProfit HTF V3 Prelaunch Website

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Forex Robot (Live) Results of one 23/2019 week Oxygen FX Trader EA - WIN !

Published date: 08.06.2019  

Forex Robot (Live) Results of one 22/2019 week and Oxygen FX Trader EA New TEST (v.3) result:  read more

Published date: 02.06.2019  

FXEURGRID - New forex EA

Published date: 12.05.2019


30 day money back guarantee

This expert advisor uses grid strategy. Our system has a drawdown limitation and will not allow you to have this infinitely increasing losses, which you can encounter using other grid strategies. FXEURGRID is focused on working with just one EURUSD currency pair. Because of the popularity of this currency pair it often has the smallest spreads (commission) on any broker, and eventually we will get more money because of that. Our EA is compatible with any MT4 broker and has no special requirements for the broker to be able trade profitably. The trading robot is easy to install and configure - that was our plan to create something truly useful and convenient. The only thing that you need to do is to specify the desired risk (percentage) and choose one of the 3 trading modes (Safe, Normal, Aggressive).

FXEURGRID has the following minimum deposit requirements:

- Safe mode $3000 ($300 for micro and $30 for cent accounts)

- Normal mode $2000 ($200 for micro and $20 for cent accounts)

- Aggressive mode $1000 ($100 for micro and $10 for cent accounts)

This is cent real account! "FXBlue" - not found. Why?


"Here is the live account fully verified on Myfxbook:

Unfortunately it is not possible to also add it to FXBlue, because the trading history of this account is being erased in MT4. But all the trading history is saved on Myfxbook."

Oxygen FX Trader EA

Published date: 12.05.2019

New forex robot. Only: 99 USD. Use: EURUSD - Timeframe: H4. Very good result. Last trade: 2019/05/01! Real account.

No comment needed. XXL Forex Reeal Profit
Published date: 07.05.2019

Funnel Trader EA - New Email (EA Support)

Published date: 07.05.2019

"Never in my life...

Have I ever been so confident.

Listen, this is important. I genuinely try to share with you the best possible

trading systems I can offer.

Look at Funnel Trader, it's been literally going for years - most systems can't

come close to that.

But when I say I fully believe in this new system and it's ability to grow your

account with minimal draw-down and high return...

I mean it.

Because it checks off every single checkbox that makes a system excellent

and takes it even further by requiring intelligence to double verify everything.

This is the future of automation and I'm 100% confident if you jump on board

now, you will be one of the lucky few who makes a boat load of money from it."