WS Asia Grid EA Review


New version of WallStreet ASIA is available! GRID System is added!

We are glad to inform you that we have released a new version of our popuplar forex robot WallStreet ASIA. The new version 1.4 (and above) of WallStreet ASIA comes with Grid System. The Grid System is developed to make WallStreet ASIA more profitable and less broker dependent. The goal was to make WallStreet ASIA perfect trading strategy for all forex traders. Because with the Grid System it can cover the needs and expectations of most of the forex traders.The Grid System of WallStreet ASIA can be used in many ways. You can use it as normal grid, grid with martingale risk policy and in more aggressive way. No matter how you will use the Grid System it will improve WallStreet ASIA performance.1. How to use the Grid System as a normal grid?

The only thing you have to do is to enable the Grid System. Just set Grid_System=true and then configure the Grid System parameters. The most important parameters of the Grid Systems are:

  • Grid_Max_Trades

  • Grid_Distance

  • Grid_Take_Profit

  • Grid_Stop_Loss

These four parameters are enough for making WallStreet ASIA a normal grid. You can read below the section " WallStreet ASIA Settings" to learn more about these four parameters.

What is typical for a normal grid? The typical is that the strategy open a few trades with specific distance between each trade and same lot size. You can control the number of trades by Grid_Max_Trades. You can define the distance by Grid_Distance. You can set take profit in pips by Grid_Take_Profit and you can set stop loss by Grid_Stop_Loss parameter.
With these four parameters you can run optimization to find the best configuration. Then you can use this configuration for live trading.2. How to use the Grid System as a grid with martingale risk policy?

A Grid System with martingale risk policy means that every next trade will be with higher risk than the previous one. The advantage of this is the speed of closing the trades. Most of the times when a martingale risk policy is used with grid strategies all open trades are closing quickly on profit.
You can use the same four parameters from above plus the following parameters:

  • Grid_Risk_Multiplier

  • Grid_Take_Profit_Money

The first parameter Grid_Risk_Multiplier is used for risk policy. Read the section "WallStreet ASIA Settings" to learn more about this parameter and how to use it.

Since martingale strategies have complicated risk calculation you cannot simply use take profit in pips. Therefore, we have added additional parameter Grid_Take_Profit_Money. It is more easy now to calculate your desired profit in your account currency. Low values of this parameters mean that the EA will close the grid trades quickly.3. How to use the Grid System in more aggressive way?

Based on our tests and optimizations the Grid System can be used as more clever system too. What this means? Not always you need a few additional trades (grid) to compensate the initial losing trades. Sometimes you need only one with higher risk and opened at right moment.
This is possible with the Grid System of WallStreet ASIA. You need to configure the following parameters:

  • Grid_Max_Trades: Usually you need to set 1.

  • Grid_Distance: You need to set bigger distance. For example 70, 80 ... 100...

  • Grid_Trade_By_Signal_Only: This should be always true.

  • Grid_Signal_Period: Based on our tests the best results can be achieved with value 60. This is H1 time frame.

  • Grid_Risk_Multiplier: You need to set at least 5. For different currency pairs this may vary.

  • Grid_Take_Profit_Money: You need to set minimal profit in money for closing both trades (the initial and the additional).

  • Grid_Stop_Loss_Money: You need to set the stop loss in money if there is a big movement in wrong direction.

We have prepared .set files for each supported pairs with activated GRID System. You can find these .set files in the member area Download page. Have in mind that there are .set files for different cases with different combination of settings. You must test all .set files in strategy tester before to load them on your real money account. Test well and make sure that the .set files are OK with your account balance and risk you trade.

Why we have added GRID System in WallStreet ASIA?
The reason is simple: not all brokers offer good conditions during the Asian session. To help our users to achieve good results we have developed and added GRID System in the robot. When the GRID System is enabled WallStreet ASIA become less broker dependent and have better chance to close the trades on profit. GRID System could be risky for small accounts! In case you have a small account please trade with the default settings.


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  • Recommended: IC Markets or XM. (use RAW or zero account and leverage 1:500)

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