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LeapFX Team - Lack of trades with Arbitron?

When markets are not volatility, trades can decrease significantly. If you want to try to increase your trades here's what you can do. This is optional and can add risk to your trading, so use low lot sizes if you do this, then increase once you find a profitable balance.
After loading set files you can considering going down to 30 for BUY and SELL Triggers for ECN Brokers.
And can consider going down to 20 for BUY and SELL Triggers for Instant Execution brokers.
GBP pairs recommended 60 for BUY and SELL Triggers, but if you want to navigate around major Brexit announcements, which may be postponed for now, you can go down to 30 for these as well.
If you find that it's not as profitable with these lower triggers, you can raise them slowly by 5 until you reach a proper balance.